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Integration with booq POS

booq POS is the most flexible and user-friendly POS system on the market - quickly taking the correct orders, splitting the bill in seconds, easily adjusting prices, and above all, 24/7 real-time insights into your sales, stock, revenue and more.

booq is created to optimise processes during a guest’s stay to improve hospitality. Therefore booq consists of so-called booq Bricks, related to the different phases of a guest’s journey. Combine the booq Bricks in the way you want to achieve exponential efficiency. Book your table, an (online) order using QR-codes, use smart kitchen management, manage staff costs and optimize with BI-tooling.

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How it works

With the integration between Clock PMS+ and the innovative booq software, you are able to manage and optimize your business by steering on valuable data collected in one platform.

  • To support full automation of your processes and give you a freedom of choice, the booq platform has been designed as an open system.
  • We can make functionalities available to other applications through APIs and make use of the functionalities of other applications.
  • The booq APIs have been developed according to relevant industry standards for data exchange and use the latest security technology.
  • The data exchange between booq and Clock PMS+ is also created using this type of technology.

Most important features

Hardware and operating system independent

Flexible and scalable using cloud technology

Real-time insights and data driven management


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