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Integration with HKeeper

By becoming digital with HKeeper, you shift your business to a different level, from existing manual and offline mode to automated and real-time operations.

HKeeper is a universal platform for the operational management of the back-house in real-time, created by hoteliers for hoteliers

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How it works

Two-way integration between HKeeper and Clock PMS+ automatically synchronizes the occupancy status of rooms, which ensures uninterrupted operation in real-time.

  • HKeeper reduces your hotel’s operating costs by up to 30%, increases guest satisfaction, empowers workflow with automation, gives control over the use of material resources, and notifies of deviations from your set goals.
  • HKeeper increases employee productivity by 30% by tracking the progress of work in real-time and analyzing staff productivity by counting productive working time and the time spent on the transition between tasks.
  • Hkeeper saves up to 20% of your administrative work time.
  • HKeeper works perfectly for managing properties in multiple locations!
  • With Hkeeper, your back-house operations go completely green!
  • We offer a free one-month trial.

Most important features

Issue Highlights analytical


Allows you to analyze the work of the hotel both from the perspective of spent human resources, material resources, and task performance

Centralized Digital Logbook and Messenger

Enables you to instantly convey information to your staff and not lose information

Digital Tasks Management page

Helps you create Housekeeping, Maintenance, ToDo, and My Tasks in real-time prioritize, and schedule them, and send special alerts for high-priority tasks


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