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Whistle helps hotels boost guest engagement, increase guest satisfaction, heighten guest loyalty, streamline operations/tasks, and reduce call volume.

"Customers see a 10%+ increase in their guest satisfaction scores within 2 months of using Whistle."

Extended description

Whistle allows Hotels and guest to communicate via SMS, Mobile Messaging, Email, and Website Live Chat, pre, during, and post-stay. Whistle helps hotels increase guest engagement, improve service scores, and boost online TripAdvisor rankings.

Our most important features:

Whistle’s user-friendly dashboard comes at an affordable cost with a high ROI. Automated messaging takes all the work out of manual messaging, and our back-end modules provide plenty of operational insight to managers.


Whistle is the number-one rated Guest Messaging platform. With over 85% of travelers carrying their smartphone, Whistle allows Hotels and guests to communicate via SMS Text Messaging and Mobile Messaging pre, during, and post-stay. Whistle enhances customer service through real-time guest engagement, helping boost service scores while streamlining internal communication and operations through team messaging.

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