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Greenstar Hotels

Greenstar Hotels

Greenstar Hotels is a UNESCO-approved environmental property offering affordable, eco-friendly accommodation in Joensuu city centre, only 75 m from the Carelicum Museum. The Art Nouveau-style Town Hall is situated 230 m from the hotel. Joensuu Central Station is a 10-minute walk away.

Greenstar Hotels

“We wanted a modern system and Clock PMS+ is the solution for our needs, giving us more than ever before opportunities to efficiently manage the hotel.”

Marjo Tenhunen (Business Director)

Questions and answers

Here is what our fellow hotelier shared about their experience with our Full Featured Hotel PMS

What type of software were you using to manage your property?

It was installable software.

Why did you choose Clock PMS+?

Clock PMS+ seemed to be the solution for our needs.

What made you look for a new hotel management system? What problems were you trying to solve? What results did you want to achieve?

We wanted a modern system that helps our work to be more efficient.

What has changed for you/your business since you started using Clock PMS+?

The cloud-based property management system gives us more than ever before opportunities to efficiently manage the hotel.

Here’s to smooth hotel operations

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