Full-featured hotel PMS for today's world

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for no IT costs and total accessibility

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to maximize online distribution

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For higher productivity and new guest experience

Clock PMS+ is also a single command point for sales through all channels, including your own!

Pricematch direct enquiries and manage all rates and restrictions from the inside.

Confine manual and multiple input to the past! No need to manage different interfaces - control over rooms and rates belongs to the PMS. Stop updating OTAs separately, keying in bookings or rushing to manually send a stopsale.

+ Sales Pilot | manage all channels + Advanced Web Bookings
Woman checking in the hotel online through the digital guest portal in Clock PMS+ hotel software
Hotel employee using the mobile hotel software Clock PMS+ on a tablet to service a customer
Couple in hotel lobby leaves feedback through the guest engagement module in Clock PMS+
Woman checking in at the hotel self-service kiosk Clock Kiosk

A shift from managing rooms to engaging with guests.

Integrated guest self-service app, automatic mailers, hotel kiosk, tablet check in.

Reception is an option too narrow when it comes to interaction with the modern-day guests spoilt for digital choice. And let's be honest - often reception is too formal and slow, not offering the experience your guests really look for.

Out with hardware complications and expenses.
In with plug-and-play from the cloud.

Clock PMS+ just needs one thing to run - a browser.
Remove complexity and IT expenses with a cloud native PMS

Clock PMS+ is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services

Hosted on Amazon Web Services

Clock PMS+ hotel software is compliant with PCI DSS

PCI DSS Certified

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SSL Secure

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No servers or installations

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Always the latest version

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Any device

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Any operating system

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Any browser

Uncompromised features. Intuitive user interface.

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Rooms and rates availability
turned into the ultimate sales tool

Finding the best offer for a guest has never been easier. Whether it is an enquiry made directly with the hotel or with a central reservation desk, the clear booking monitors give detailed information about available rooms and rates. Various filters make searches as narrow or as broad as you need so each phone call is converted into a booking.

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Rates management:
Simply manage rates across all channels

Rate restrictions to optimise your occupancy, occupancy adaptable rates that change with your availability, derived rates based on simpler ones. All this automatically reflected in all sales channels, offline or online.

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Bookings and profiles:
they work together.

Create new bookings easily and fast. Handle them with ease and efficiency with all the details and to-do tasks that can be added to them. Routine charges like accommodation or appropriate taxes can be posted automatically. All guest details and bookings history are stored in profiles.

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Groups and events

Handling groups of guests and organising event activities with Clock PMS+ goes without a hitch. All the rooms you need are blocked in advance. The mass edit functions let you process as many bookings as you need in one go, those belonging to the same group identified easily. Charges are routed to group or to booking folios. Pro-formas are issued with a click.

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Companies and Accounts Receivable
stay on top of things.

Let your hotel software do the bulk of your dealings with companies for you. Just need to set up the profiles of the companies you work with. Then the system will calculate TO commissions and special reports will inform you of pending payments and outstanding night charges routed to company folios.

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Deposits and guarantees:
straightforward handling of advance payments

With ClockPMS you can accept advance payments, too, both online and offline. Event deposits or booking guarantees, their amount can be calculated automatically through guarantee policies or specified manually for special cases. Use them to cover folio charges and track them in detail in the financial reports.

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Room assignment and check-in:
on the spot or online

If not chosen by guests themselves, or selected on booking, allocating a room takes only a couple of clicks. Groups, too. Filling registration cards can be done by guests online, so then one click checks them in. Additionally, registration cards can be set to include the fields you need and export for local tax purposes can be customized to match authority requirements.

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Charges, invoices and check-out
with optimal efficiency.

Charge templates with set prices to cut posting time in half, routing room (or other) charges to group or company folios for later payment, online payment of hotel bills and pdf download of hotel invoices at your guests’ convenience - everything you need for efficient front desk and excellent service.

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