+ Sales Pilot:
Smart control over distribution to all channels

The Quest for better online distribution - modern vs retro, feat. Clock PMS+

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Invisible operation. Visible results.

Full automation of channel management

Less time and effort

Automatic inventory update and booking capture on all channels.

Profit growth through automated updates of rates and availability

More sales opportunities

Every rate update, every late cancellation goes on sale instantly.

Overbooking protection by sales rules and restrictions

Overbooking prevention

Set rules to minimise or fully prevent overbooking risk.

Full integration with all hotel systems

Just one system to use

Manage OTA rates and rules directly from the PMS+.

Instant inventory update without you lifting a finger

Literally. The channel manager sends automatic inventory update to all connected OTAs, GDS and CRS virtually after every new booking, cancellation, update, block, release block or room status update**.

** Clock PMS+ caches all inventory updates, prioritizes their urgency and sends them in regular updates through our XML connectivity partners who distribute them to the OTA as soon as possible.

Easier distribution of your online rates straight from the PMS+

The system does everything automatically and you never need to worry about rate synchronisation, changing prices, or stop sale to prevent overbooking.**

** Set your online rates directly in Clock PMS+ and map them to the OTA products. Any time you change a rate (or a restriction), the integrated channel manager will distribute it to the connected channels.

Fancy maximising revenue through smarter rate management?

Use one single BAR* for all channels or set different rates, closing rules and restrictions for each OTA. Set derived and occupancy adaptable rates and see how your prices on the OTAs change depending on your actual occupancy or when you change a related rate.

*BAR - Best Available Rate

Instant download of bookings

All online bookings and changes to their parameters are automatically downloaded and stored in Clock PMS+. You can find and handle them just like other bookings. All information on booking reference numbers and marketing channels & segments is retrieved and saved, too.

Prevent overbooking but sell each late cancellation, too

Need to minimise overbooking risk? Use blocks to make sure you don’t oversell guaranteed OTA allotments. Or, let Clock PMS+ automatically set very high rates for the last available rooms. Or, simply set stop sale restrictions so that some channels start closing before others.
As for the duds, Clock PMS+ will put late cancellations up for sale, so you don't miss any opportunities.

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