Central Reservation Office
Hotel Groups & Chains

If you manage a group of properties, especially one with a central reservations office, most probably you need a versatile tool that helps you find the best offers, keep track of the dynamic rate updates, and cross-sell across properties. With the central reservation system by Clock reservation officers need no longer browse through endless lists of locations, features, or amenities to find what clients need quickly and sell to everybody’s satisfaction.

Find the appropriate rates & available rooms

Finding what you are looking for with the central reservation system of Clock Software takes mere seconds.

  • Just enter the dates and number of guests and specify the location.
  • If your rates are tagged for their intended purposes, e.g. spa, promo, etc., select which you need.
  • Keep things to the point and tick 'Available' to see only applicable offers.

The CRS will show the availability in all hotels at the selected location.

Get all the info you need: text, pictures, maps

Often central reservation staff is not intimately familiar with all the details and specifics of every separate hotel. To make sure they can still be of ultimate help to clients, there is a special description for each hotel and its rates, room types, and guarantee policies.

Find the best offers in a particular property

For clients interested in a specific hotel, select the one they want and check the rooms and prices that are available. If none of the offers is attractive enough, look for alternatives in other properties without logging out or switching between screens. Just select a different option of the filter.

Cross-sell within a location

If the hotel clients want is fully booked, look for alternatives in your other properties at the same location. With the ‘Location’ filter you can see all your properties in the selected area with their free rooms and available rates. Just pick the best offer and book.

More options

Company rates

Corporate clients can get the special treatment negotiated in their contracts, too, and without extra effort, either. Just select the company in the designated filter to see the corporate prices and offer the best option.

Bookings for events

Bookings connected to existing events are easy to make. Select the event in the special filter. The search results will show the room types available for the event and the number of free rooms left in its room block.

Offering alternatives

Unchecking option Available will show options that for some reason do not match all booking parameters (date, price, number of guests, etc.) It comes handy when clients are prepared to be flexible about their booking.

Occupancy forecast

Sometimes you may need to check the availability of a certain room or simply to see more exhaustive view of a hotel’s prospect availability. Choose the hotel in the Occupancy forecast menu and get the detailed information you want.

Add events, blocks, even companies

Beside accepting bookings for events that are already in the system, you can create an event and/or a room block from the main Clock CRS screen as well. Just select the hotel where the event will take place from the Company menu, and do what you need to do.
You can even add a company profile, if it’s a new contractor.

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