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Integration with 4Suites

"We make a fully automated check-in possible without the need for guests to download an app."

This is a custom PMS integration with the 4SUITES Cloud Access Platform through open API, integrating digital keys into the web-based Clock PMS Guest Self Service Portal.

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Extended description

Reservation data is being transferred directly from the PMS to the 4SUITES Access Platform. Web keys are then automatically provided to the guests, based on their bookings. Guests do not have to download an app, instead, they can use the provided web key to unlock their room from the Clock PMS Guest Self Service Portal in their web browser.

Our most important features:

With web keys, we have fully automated key management with Clock PMS. Now, guests can skip the front desk and unlock their room with an automatically generated digital key based on their reservation, without the need to download an app. The key is integrated into the web-based Clock PMS Guest Self Service Portal. This is an industry-first solution.


We are 4SUITES, a Dutch software company specializing in cloud-based access technology. Designing and producing intelligent embedded hardware that is connected to the cloud platform, our mission is to make cloud access available to the world at a low cost and at the highest level of security and reliability.

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For activation and any issues with this integration:

Directly contact us. We will seek 4SUITES assistance, if necessary.

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