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Integration with MCM

Axess Hospitality system allows Clock PMS to encode key cards for guests to enter their hotel rooms.

With Axess Hospitality Software, guests receive the credentials to open their hotel room on their smartphones. Then they can simply use their smartphones as a key to their hotel room.

How it works

Two-way integration between MCM and Clock PMS+ automatically synchronizes the occupancy status of rooms, which ensures uninterrupted operation in real-time.

  • After configuring the integration between the Clock PMS and Axess Hospitality systems, the Axess Hospitality system has to be activated in the background.
  • From this moment on, Clock’s users are going to be able to encode a guest key card from Clock PMS.
  • They have to choose the check-in room(new card or copy card) and generate the key, Axess Hospitality system is going to be ready to encode the client card.
  • The Clock’s users only have to manage Clock PMS to encode client keys.

Most important features

Easy to use

Effortless customer check-in and checkout


The client key encoding is very fast.

Works in the background

The client management is done from Clock PMS, Axess Hospitality system works in background.


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