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Integration with FLEXIPASS

The integration between Clock PMS+ and FLEXIPASS allows the guest’s mobile phone to be used as their room key: check-in, check-out and unlocking the guest door will be easier, faster and safer.

FLEXIPASS is the world’s fastest and easiest way for guests to access their room via smartphone. FLEXIPASS integrates with the world’s leading door lock providers as ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, Dormakaba and SALTO Systems.

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How it works

See your guests say WOW. FLEXIPASS is fast and easy, guests download the lightweight FLEXIPASS APP, enter the CODE provided by the accommodation provider and gain direct access to their room. That’s it! Yes and no data connection needed after the mobile key has been downloaded to the phone. Then the integration between Clock PMS+ and FLEXIPASS:

  • REDUCES TOUCH POINTS: No touch points needed during check-in and check-out. Mobile access is done with the phone, with no human assistance needed.
  • CUTS COSTS: Staff costs, plastic key card costs? Guests check-in on the fly and use their mobile as their key.
  • SAVES TIME: You can increase your operational efficiency and enhance your guest experience by providing a keyless entry solution.
  • LETS YOU GO GREEN: The average lifespan of a plastic keycard is 2.5 days. Mobile keys eliminate all that unnecessary plastic waste.
  • INCREASES GUEST ENGAGEMENT: Enable your guests a new user experience in your property thanks to our award winning keyless mobile access.Yes, they will return.

Most important features


We designed FLEXIPASS with this fact in mind: The average attention span of a millennial is less than 30 seconds. For Gen Z, that number is even lower


FLEXIPASS is backed by breakthrough credentialing technology. Unlike others, FLEXIPASS ensures that no private information is contained within the connection.


We work with the gold-standard leaders in lock hardware, including ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, Dormakaba and SALTO Systems.


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